The Key to Happy Employees in 6 Steps

September 2, 2014 / Reading: 2 minutes

Finding talented employees is one thing, holding onto them is a whole different matter. Here are a few tips on how to create a welcoming environment that empowers those who help to build your vision.

1. Recognize Progress

Rather than having a keen eye on spotting weakness, look to encourage employees that showing noticeable improvements in their day to day functions.  An employee that is motivated produces far more quality work than those who work out of fear.

2. Work hard but have fun

An office environment where people simply clock in and out generally produces a lack of creativity and a sense of boredom out of repetition.  Keep in mind that employees are people and should not be treated as robots – find ways to keep the staff engaged and interested with corporate activities.

3. Make employees feel like they belong

To be happy at work, it is important to feel like you belong in an organization that shares a common goal. It’s important for management to thank their employees for the work they’ve put in and encourage them to participate in sharing ideas and insights.

4. Instill trust rather than requirements

Daily quotas and requirements only serve to limit an employee’s amount of work rather than promote motivation to do more.  It is paramount to designate work accordingly and trust that your employees will get the job done rather than forcing mandatory requirements.

5. Encourage exercise and sleep

It is important to have a team of employees that are mindful of their physical and mental health.  In the long run, this will create more attention, creativity, and energy to execute their daily responsibilities.

6. Be consistent and open with communication.

If employees are kept in the dark about what’s going on, they will make up their own story which generally turns out to be a negative one. The most important aspect of building relationships is strong communication and that resonates very much so when building a strong organization.