This Map Shows You The Richest Person In Your State

November 3, 2014 / Reading: 6 minutes

A few weeks ago, Wealth-X, an international wealth intelligence firm, released its annual list of the richest person in every US state.  Based on this information, we created a map that not only shows who and how rich the wealthiest person in each state is, but also how states stack up against each other based on which one has the wealthier resident.

Hover over your state to see who is your state’s wealthiest:

The wealthiest individuals in 35 states out of 50 happen to be entrepreneurs and/or business owners, whose financial gambles, personal risks and investments paid off. Expressed in a different way, 7 out of 10 achieved the American Dream through their own hard work.

One prime example of a successful entrepreneur is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who, with a net worth estimated at over $81 billion, is not only Washington state’s wealthiest resident, but also the world’s.

The runner-up in the list is billionaire Warren Buffett (a.k.a The Oracle of Omaha) arguably the most successful investor of the 20th century and Nebraska’s most prosperous son.

In terms of persons who inherited a vast fortune, the most notable example is Christy Walton, the wealthiest resident of Arkansas, who inherited part of the Wal-Mart fortune after her husband John (Sam Walton’s son) died. There is also Alabama’s Marguerite Harbert, who inherited her wealth from her husband John M. Harbert, the construction magnate and founder of Harbert Corporation.

While most of of the individuals on this list are billionaires (41 out of 50), the following states did not have a single billionaire resident:

  • Utah
  • New Mexico
  • Mississippi
  • Maine
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • South Dakota
  • Alaska

Here is the complete list, ranked by Net worth:

StatePersonNet Worth
WashingtonBill Gates$81.5 billion
NebraskaWarren Buffett$66.9 billion
CaliforniaLawrence Ellison$47.3 billion
KansasDavid Koch$42 billion
ArkansasChristy Walton$37.9 billion
New YorkMichael R. Bloomberg$33.7 billion
NevadaSheldon Adelson$29 billion
VirginiaForrest Mars, Jr.$25.9 billion
OregonPhil Knight$19 billion
TexasMichael Dell$17.9 billion
OklahomaHarold Hamm$17.6 billion
ColoradoCharles Ergen$16.7 billion
MassachusettsAbigail Johnson$16.2 billion
ConnecticutRaymond Dalio$14.3 billion
GeorgiaAnne Cox Chambers$12.1 billion
North CarolinaJames Goodnight$11.1 billion
New HampshireRichard Cohen$10.1 billion
New JerseyDavid Tepper$10 billion
WisconsinJohn Menard, Jr.$9.2 billion
MissouriJack C. Taylor$7.4 billion
FloridaMicky Arison$6.5 billion
MichiganKenneth Dart$5.8 billion
MontanaDennis Washington$5.8 billion
IllinoisKenneth C. Griffin$5.3 billion
IndianaGayle Cook$5.1 billion
OhioLeslie Wexner$5.1 billion
ArizonaBruce Halle, Sr.$4.7 billion
TennesseeThomas Frist, Jr.$4.3 billion
MinnesotaWhitney MacMillan$3.8 billion
MarylandTheodore Lerner$3.7 billion
South CarolinaAnita Zucker$2.7 billion
KentuckyBrad M. Kelley$2 billion
AlabamaMarguerite Harbert$1.8 billion
PennsylvaniaJohn S. Middleton$1.8 billion
Rhode IslandJonathan Nelson$1.6 billion
VermontRobert Stiller$1.6 billion
West VirginiaJames C. Justice II$1.6 billion
LouisianaThomas Benson$1.5 billion
IowaDennis Albaugh$1.4 billion
IdahoFrank Vandersloot$1.2 billion
North DakotaGary Tharaldson$1 billion
UtahJon M. Huntsman, Sr.$950 million
New MexicoMack C. Chase$910 million
MississippiDavid H. Nutt$880 million
MaineLeon Gorman$840 million
DelawareRobert Gore$830 million
HawaiiJay Shidler$700 million
South DakotaT. Denny Sanford$580 million
AlaskaRobert Gillam$480 million
WyomingJonathan Ledecky$340 million