Should Consumers Go Out of Their Way to Shop at a Small Business?

September 23, 2015 / Reading: 3 minutes

Big box stores are a staple in America today. You cannot drive more than a couple of miles without seeing a Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. You may shop at them without thinking about it. But, are they the best place to spend your money? Should Consumers Go Out of Their Way to Shop at a Small Business?

Small businesses care about what happens in the community and its citizens.

The simple answer is “Yes”. You should take the extra time to find a small business. However, just saying that is not going to convince you. But, we will show you that there are many benefits of shopping at a small business.

Small businesses care about consumers

In other words, small businesses care about you. They do not have the large name recognition of the “big box” stores. They realize that each customer is important to them. That means you are important to them. When was the last time you walked into a store like Best Buy or Wal-Mart and they knew your name? When was the last time you could even find someone to help you? You don’t have to worry about this at a small business. They want to get to know you. Their employees are reminded that each consumer is very important.

Let us share with you a personal example: One of our colleagues here at Fundivo was shopping at a locally owned cell phone store. They offered the same phones as the corporate store down the street. They offered the same plans. So, why go out of my way to buy from the local store? Well, she started there because shes believes in shopping at locally owned businesses.

But, the experience that she received went beyond any of her expectations. The representative not only explained the plan and the new phone to her (we’re sure the corporate store does the same) but he also gave her his personal cell phone number. He told her that she could call him anytime day or night with questions. Try to get that level of service at a corporate store.

Small businesses care about the community

“Big box” stores are located in a community but they are rarely part of the community. They may write a check to a few non-profit groups but their community involvement ends there. Small businesses are owned by someone who lives in the community. They care about what happens in the community and its citizens.

You are able to get custom products

When was the last time you tried to get Wal-Mart to order something that they didn’t normally carry? You probably never have. You know that you would get laughed out of the store. Small businesses are more willing to work with customers to find custom order products.

Your money stays local

We all want better roads, schools, and parks. That is why we pay taxes, right? But, these public services are also based upon how you spend your money. If you spend money at Wal-Mart then that money is sent to another state or country. Small businesses spend their money locally because they are part of the community.

The bottom line

Should consumers go out of their way to shop at a Small Business? Should you spend the extra time to go to a locally owned small business? That depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a small business that values you, want to help your local community with every dollar you spend, and even want to have better public services then the answer is a resounding “yes”. You should seek out locally owned stores whenever possible.