4 Copywriting Hacks to Increase Conversion

September 16, 2015 / Reading: 3 minutes

It’s no secret that there is a continuous sense of demand for more high-quality, interesting, entertaining and informative content on the web. And with the increasing demand for content comes an increasing demand for effective copywriting. When it comes to producing quality content, you should have two things in mind:

Your content should attract visitors to your website and convert them into leads and ultimately, customers.

Nevertheless, consistently producing high-quality content can be tough. So in order to help you avoid writer’s block or dull content, we’ve put together some great copywriting tricks to give you and your content a much-needed boost!

1. Keep your content simple

We don’t necessarily mean remove all the technical information, percentages and everything else in between. Simplifying your content means making your overall message concise and clear for your audience. If your readers can understand your message quickly and clearly, they’re more than likely to benefit from it.

2. Make your content visually appealing

Many professional copywriters will utilize the idea of simple icons that can be easy to understand or can be used to symbolize different aspects of your website, brand, service or product. It’s important that your content not only provides your target audience with beneficial information, but it’s also visually appealing to look at. With so much content available on the web, readers who prefer to skim through content and significantly dwindling attention spans, it’s important that your content is visually easy to read while also enticing your reader’s eye.

But how do you make your copy more visually appealing?

  • Add visual cues or symbols such as clear arrows pointing to a form or link.
  • Don’t forget clear headings and subheadings (you may want to add keywords here too).
  • Use numbered or bulleted lists for easy reading (especially for those skimmers).
  • Use a variety of text such as bolding up headers or italicizing quotes etc.
  • Use short paragraphs and avoid walls of text.
  • Utilize a clear typeface that is clear to read and is easy on the eyes.

3. Do your research.

Plenty of research about the topic you are writing about is incredibly valuable in producing great content. The best content has been researched in order to gain the most valuable and beneficial information for your target audience. By researching more information than you actually need, prevents writer’s block and provides you with plenty of information to work with. The more information you gather, the more possibilities you can utilize.

4. Grab your reader’s attention.

When writing your content always make sure that it’s all or at least one of these three factors:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Entertaining

It’s important to be transparent when writing your content and tell the truth with the information that you provide your audience with. Sometimes, the truth can be boring, so make it interesting! Don’t bore a potential customer away with your product or service, instead, keep them fascinated and wanting to know more about it.

But how can you make the truth more interesting?

  • Make it entertaining by adding relevant and sensible humor.
  • Make it visually appealing and scannable (ability to read it quickly).
  • Incorporate the concept of controversy.
  • Tell a story.
  • Add personality into your copy or a unique selling proposition.