4 Marketing Ideas for Father’s Day Proven to Benefit Your Business

June 1, 2016 / Reading: 3 minutes

Every holiday is a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience and to create the best first-impressions that will hopefully translate into a loyal customer for your online store or brand. June is a great month for anyone who is looking to stimulate those off-season sales, especially if you don’t have anything unique to offer during the summer. Father’s Day is like a mini-Christmas for some brands.

  • 3 in 4 Americans planned to celebrate Father’s Day in 2015.
  • American spent close to $13 billion on Father’s Day gifts in 2015
  • The average person spent $116 on Father’s Day gifts during the same year
  • Father’s Day online shopping accounted for almost a third of total sales in 2015.

Big categories, such as electronics and clothes, are rejuvenated for a day of gift hunting that will make any marketer happy to capitalize off of. Here are some ways to tap into the holiday, even if your products or services don’t fall into the common categories.

Kids know Best

They often do, especially when it comes to buying stuff for their dad, with good intentions, even if they miss the mark. Dads are less likely to return their unexpected gifts, so if you can find a way to get the kids through your doors, then you’ve won half the battle. This strategy is pretty common for Christmas gift marketing, but it is even more successful for Father’s Day, since most of their gifts are guaranteed to come from their own children.

Get Qualified

It can sometimes be hard for kids to shop for their dads, especially when it’s much easier to forget what day Father’s Day falls on. Father’s Day shopping guides are extremely popular ways to market gifts that the average consumer may have never considered before reading about them. You write up your picks for products or services tied to your business and pitch them information that they may not be aware about when it comes to dads’ needs or hidden wishlists.

Interactive charts: Father’s Day Trends & Statistics

If you really want to get creative with your Father’s Day marketing campaign, transform your shopping guide into a personality/hobby profiler and group gifts together for more sales potential. Those who are looking to impress their pops with combo gifts that shows them how much thought they put into their gifts (thanks to your guides) will be inclined to spend more with you.

Get Qualified

Because Father’s Day isn’t as big as the holiday season, you could bring in more sales by providing more incentives for buying gifts that would otherwise be out of some shopper’s price ranges. If you can, try to throw together some introductory packages that provide dads a sample of what your business has to offer or a free first month of your service. This is a great opportunity to build your customer base and create a strong impression, which may lead to a huge boost in sales when the holiday season starts.

Reach out to your Dads

For those who have built up a decent customer base already, you should not neglect the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with all the fathers who have previously done business with you and offer them a discount for more repeat business. This should provide a nice bump in social media accounts, as well. Run the offer for at least the week of Father’s Day for the best results.