4 Winning Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales this Mother’s Day

May 2, 2016 / Reading: 3 minutes

Holidays are always good days for internet marketers, it’s just a matter of implementing the right strategy. Mother’s Day can be a confusing holiday for marketers who normally only focus on the big holiday season at the end of the year. But with sales topping $16.4 billion on mom, you surely cannot afford to ignore this very lucrative holiday.

With the right plan, though, Mother’s Day can open your brand up to customers who wouldn’t normally associate your business with a sensitive or compassionate side, making it all the more valuable. Here’s a few examples of how you can capitalize on May 8th.


Gift guides are the standard marketing strategy for every holiday, especially one that involves showing your appreciation through giving back. For Mother’s Day, some popular ways to attract visitors with unique guides is targeting the personal beauty and health niches. Giving moms a rejuvenating makeover is a great way to show affection, so you could do anything from listing top fashions to top makeup looks/products.


Create some visitor feedback loops by having people compete for prizes or coupons that are related to Mother’s Day. Have people create entries that tell personal stories about why their mom is their hero, why their mom needs to be pampered for a day at the spa, and etc. This can create a mini-viral marketing effect (or even a full-fledge effect), where entries are updated on your blog, social media, and create a ton of positive feedback around your brand.

Interactive charts: Mother’s Day Trends & Statistics

You can also create some games that center around ‘famous mom’ trivia, for example. You could tie-in this trivia with contest entries that are entered into a drawing for day spa coupons, make-up, jewelry, and etc. Try to be as inclusive as possible for these contests, acknowledging non-biological, same-sex couples, and single moms.


If your company doesn’t have any natural product or service tie-ins, look into sharing business with other companies. A good example of this is simply showing up to Mother’s Day events and activities locally to display Mother’s Day branded products. You could also sponsor coupons that require entering your company’s code for customers to receive discounts for Mother’s Day gifts on other websites.


If you put in the effort to highlight Mother’s Day by featuring moms on your website and social media accounts, people will take notice. Sometimes outshining your competition is enough to gain favor and clicks as a result. Run a series on your social media accounts that highlights famous moms with interesting trivia, post photos of you and your staff’s moms on your page to really pluck the heartstrings of visitors.

Start planning as early as possible to really polish your gameplan for May 8th, book some interviews with moms that are relevant to your brand, and make sure all your followers have advanced notice that you’ll be doing something special for this year’s Mother’s Day. After your successful holiday execution, don’t forget to call up your own mom and thank her for all her hard work.