5 Overlooked Halloween Marketing Tips and Ideas

October 5, 2015 / Reading: 4 minutes

Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season, which is a highly profitable time for many small businesses. But, you may not realize how potentially profitable Halloween really is; in fact, it is expected that Americans will spend almost $7 billion for year for this spooky but yet fun celebration. So, how do you make sure that your small business gets a piece of this pot of gold?

Halloween is the second biggest holiday event in the U.S. nearly $7 billion is spent on Halloween activities.

To help you take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and turn it into a source of sales and profits, we have listed some Halloween marketing tips and ideas to help your small business tap into these valuable consumer dollars:

1. Don’t Count Yourself Out

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that they can’t make money on Halloween. Don’t think that just because you don’t sell costumes that you cannot cash in on Halloween spending. Consider ways that you can give your business a Halloween theme.

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If you are a home improvement store then you could offer “build your own decorations kit”. If you are a clothes resale shop then you could show people how to make costumes from previously owned clothing.

2. Link Coupons to Halloween

You don’t even need to sell anything Halloween related to take advantage of this idea. This idea is based solely in utilizing the psychology around Halloween. People love coupons. People also love businesses – especially small businesses – that get into the Halloween spirit. Create a mailer that is Halloween themed and offer a discount for shopping near Halloween. You also could offer a discount to anyone coming in wearing a costume on Halloween.

3. Link Halloween Sales to Safety

Safety is a big concern around Halloween. Many of us remember the scares during the 1980s of needles being inserted into candy. Think of products that you sell to make kids safer when getting that all important Halloween candy.

There are many small businesses that don’t traditionally consider their businesses as selling Halloween items that can use this. There are many businesses that sell things like flashlights, glow sticks, reflective clothing, and even reflective tape. Electronics stores could even highlight how a smartwatch could help parents track their children.

You can cash in on this by creating an ad or mailer that features Halloween items (i.e. ghosts, tombstones, zombies, etc.). Highlight how the products you offer will make kids safer. Offer a discount for people to buy them from you.

4. Encourage Trick-or-Treaters

This may seem like a given suggestion. But, you would be surprised how many businesses simply don’t offer candy to children on Halloween. Parents love businesses that are kid friendly. If you get the child to come into the store to get some free candy then mom and dad just might buy something. You also might expose your businesses to potential customers that might otherwise pass you by.

5. Hold a Costume Contest

Another way to tap into this is to offer a contest for the best costume. When someone comes in with a costume then have a drawing they can sign up for. By using a drawing, the person doesn’t need to be present to win. This allows you to offer it for the whole day. You also collect their all-important contact information. You can add them to your mailing list. Make sure to put a space for email address. This is a cheaper way to build a list and many people are not stingy with providing their email.

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How many businesses wouldn’t want a share of $7 billion? Just because you don’t sell costumes or decorations doesn’t mean that your small business will be left out in the cold. Any business can find ways to work a Halloween theme into their store. Offering coupons related to Halloween are always a good choice. Costume contest is a largely overlooked potential to greatly grow your mailing list. Utilize these 5 overlooked Halloween tips and ideas to increase your small business’s profit this holiday season.