7 Worst Social Media Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Small Business

February 20, 2016 / Reading: 4 minutes

Social media is a useful marketing tool that if well utilized can benefit small businesses to a great extent. On the other hand, if it is not properly used it can damage your brand or reputation. In other words, it is better to leave social media out of your business if you are not ready to invest your time and other necessary resources needed to run a good online campaign.

In this article, we shall discuss some social media mistakes and how they can be avoided. So without further due, here are seven 7 common social media mistakes many small business owners make.

1. Spreading yourself too thin

Building online presence for a business is demanding. You need to constantly engage your audience with highly informative and unique messages to ensure that you stand out from your competitors. It’s difficult to do this on one social platform, let alone on about 3,4, or even 10 platforms. It is advisable you build your presence on only few of the top social media platform in order to be able to manage them effectively.

2. Failure to determine what to do on each platform

some business owners make the mistake of posting the same content on all their platforms. That’s a big mistake you should never make. It gets your followers bored. Once you have chosen to be on social platform, it is important to give it all it takes. The best way to handle this is to determine what you will be posting on each social media platform. You may want to update your audience with your company’s sales promotion on twitter and use Facebook to share the images of your latest products and services.

3. Inappropriate responds to negative feedback

Feedback is great way of knowing how your business is doing. You should be able to use them to your advantage, be it positive or negative. Failure to respond to negative feedbacks damages your reputation. Some brands, especially small businesses make the mistake of deleting negative feedbacks.

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Doing so will destroy your reputation once your audience find out you indulge in such act. The fact business of owners don’t realize is that they can use negative feedback to their advantage, especially if your clients misunderstood the information your article is trying to pass or when they are ignorant of your company’s terms and conditions.

It would be worth it if you take your time to elaborate on the matter and provide better explanation to them. This will make your new and existing clients trust you more. It could also lead to increase in sales.

4. Habit of selling to your audience all the time

Don’t ever make the mistake of constantly advertizing your products and services to your audience. Your focus on social media should be building a strong relationship with your followers and planting your brand in the heart of the people. This way, they would voluntarily ask about the latest development in your company without you pushing it to them. You want to write captivating stories and informative content on a regular basis. On each post, attach your company logo. This is a great way of planting your brand in the heart of your audience.

5. Failing to interact with your audience

Social media, as the name implies is simply social. That’s the goal of social platforms. You need to interact with your audience and respond to their messages as fast as you can. Once people notice that you are always responding to their messages quickly and thoughtfully, they will definitely inform their well wishers of your products and services and even refer them to your site, pages or groups.

6. Buying likes or followers

This is another big mistake some brands make. Buying followers leads to an overall algorithmic decrease in your post reach and visibility since most of your followers won’t comment or even visit your site often. It is therefore better to attract them naturally by posting engaging and informative contents regularly.

7. Poor communication

Most brands don’t know how to communicate their brands to their audience. Audience should be able to recognize your brand once they visit your page, groups or site. This shows how organize you are and how you view your brand. For instance, your profile and cover photos should convey what your brand is all about. Also, as mentioned earlier, your response to negative feedback or criticism determines how people see your brand.

Another way to have an effective communication system is writing down your brand FAQ and providing thoughtful answers to them. However, do not make the mistake of answering every question with a canned / copy paste answer. Some questions require your attention.