Gas Station Marketing Tips : Get More Clients to Refuel at Your Station

February 6, 2017 / Reading: 3 minutes

The biggest trend in gas station marketing and standing out from all other local competitors is the implementation of reward programs and customer appreciation services. This taps into the principles of marketing that seek to capture word-of-mouth advertising, as well as grow a stronger core customer base.

This type of gas station advertising carries many more benefits, too. Here are a few more examples of to take advantage these simple gas station promotions.

Greater analytics

Rewards programs present the chance to catch a decent measure of information about your most valued clients. Each time the client utilizes the card, you can find out about their buying patterns, what gas they utilize, and how regularly they top off. You can overlay this information with things like changes in climate, gas costs, and special occasions. This procedure can enhance the information you’ve gathered with a specific end goal to discover existing and developing patterns in your business.

Envision that you could pull this data from a substantial pool of your clients. You would have the capacity to foresee about how much gas will be viable amid a specific time of year or occasion and the amount of your business originates from return clients, information which can be useful for shopping more merchants and offering better items in-store.

Catering to customers

Telling your clients that they are so critical to the success your business is at the heart of loyalty projects. By catching their buyer information, you can offer prizes to various stores or locales that are pertinent and significant to your clients. Maybe in New York, your smash hit is hot cocoa while in Miami, your hit is a root beer float. Also, it doesn’t generally need to be so transparent. Maybe more individuals buy diesel in one part of the town than the other. This data can help you choose what advancements will be best in a given territory.

Necessary tools

Loyalty programs go far beyond just min-maxing store locations and inventory selection, the information itself is of course extremely valuable in other ways. The problem is that it might be difficult to use all of this data by yourself. You might need to hire a third party company to handle all this data for you, to translate it into useful charts of behaviors and trends that you can actually use.

It is also very important to be able to market your store successfully in the digital space, as well. Your website should be clean, useful, and easy to use/access. Being mobile-friend should be a no-brainer, as well as having at least one active social media account. This isn’t just for lame PR management purposes, you should be using it as a platform to interact and field questions, get valuable feedback, and promote any upcoming changes or special events to your store locations. It’s the cheapest form of advertising that you can’t afford to not have in today’s digital and connected world.