How To Run A Killer Online Marketing Campaign On a Budget

October 1, 2015 / Reading: 3 minutes

As a small business, you simply just don’t have as many bucks to spend on their business when compared to corporate giants. But don’t worry! There are so many simple, quick, easy and most importantly, affordable marketing tactics out there that you can utilize.

Take advantage of affordable marketing tactics out there that you can utilize.

Best of all, they won’t blow your marketing budget in the slightest! In this article, we will be listing several tips on how to stretch your dollars to create one of the best online marketing strategies on a small scale budget.

Publish content that is entertaining, informative and interesting

If you can produce it yourself, it means that it’s often free. Don’t worry, if writing isn’t necessarily your strong point, you could always work with your team or a single member of your staff to produce outstanding articles for your company’s blog page. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. Why not try top 10 lists or best practices? These are incredibly easy to produce and are often the most popular with visitors who are on the lookout for informative content, simply because they are easier to digest.

Don’t allow old data to go to waste

If you are faced with a tight marketing budget, there will be times that you simply will not be able to afford content writers for your blog or services pages. If your marketing balance is looking a little low, why not take advantage of something that has already been written and currently exists online? There is a mountain of data studies which include valuable and interesting stats readily available for you to utilize. Take advantage of the data and put your own unique and original spin on things.

Take advantage of social networking

Take the time to create and manage a business account on various social media platforms and begin to participate in the wonderful world of social media, such as Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

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If your company is image oriented, you may even wish to utilize the likes of Instagram too.

Take advantage of referral programs

In order to gain new customers, why not encourage your existing customers to do the hard work for you? Try offering your existing customers with a free incentive as a reward for referring friends and family. This could either be a free month of service, free product or some form of alternative reward that your customers would enjoy and benefit from. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing and advertising, so if people are prepared to talk positively about your business, this tip is priceless.

Recycle old content

Just because you have already written about something doesn’t mean you can’t highlight the same topic again. Why not transform a variety of your blog articles into an informative and interesting ebook? Or what about last month’s webinar? You could rehash it into a video! Be brave with your old content, think about it, old content is very rarely seen, so when you breathe some life back into it, your old content will be just like new!