How to use Pokemon GO as the Ultimate Marketing Tool for your Small Business

October 13, 2016 / Reading: 3 minutes

The astronomical success and cultural phenomenon of Pokemon around the world could have never been predicted. Sure, the famous Nintendo franchise is always turning out big profits with every new iteration, but this game is transcending typical videogame culture and bringing demographics together that would otherwise never cross paths.

The Pokemon Go mobile app has surpassed all expectations and all mobile app traffic when it launched back in July. The daily active users continues to climb, as it officially beats out Twitter and looks to overtake Google Maps. With this much social activity, it seems like a no-brainer for companies to want to use this opportunity to capitalize on the popularity.

Augment their Reality

While concept of Pokemon Go is very basic: catch cute creatures and become the best trainer in the world, the fact that it forces groups of people (not just teenagers, but adults) outside to socialize as they seek out the virtual Pokemons through the looking glass of their smartphones is great news for local and small businesses alike. Everyone has the opportunity to redirect a decent amount of traffic on any given day. It is important to get in while the getting is good.

Here are some good examples of just how easy it is to bring in a little extra business while this craze lives on and before boredom overcomes addiction.

Poke-themed Products

This one is the most obvious and easiest to pull off, but you’ll find a wide range of product categories that can take advantage of the Pokemon brand. Try to integrate your products into the whole Pokeball and Pokemon Badge icons, as they are very small and discreet, yet easily identifiable to Pokemon Go players. If you’re in the food industry, then really get creative with names and textures that resemble famous Pokemon (i.e. Blastoise, Jigglypuff, Charizard, and Magikarp).

Lure them in with Pokestops

The most lucrative way to catch Pokemon for Go players is to find a Pokestop and get bonuses to help them capture the most elusive creatures. Pokestops are simple virtual hubs that Nintendo typically places on local landmarks in real life, such as: monuments, parks, gardens, fountains, and shopping plazas. The Pokestops become irresistible when paired with a special game item called a “lure module” that attracts Pokemon to the area.

The fact that Pokemon Go forces groups of people outside to socialize is great news for local and small businesses alike.

If you really want to draw traffic to your local business or advertising location, you simply get your hands on one of these lures and get people to drive across town to catch those Pokemon. The lure is cheap in the Pokemon app, only costing a dollar, so if you want to advertise online to local customers about your store’s sales or specials going on, simply pair it with the use of the lure module to keep them flocking.

Social Media Strategies

Even small businesses with no physical store to attract customers can get in on the Pokemon action, with a little creativity. Seek out that sibling or friend of yours who has an addiction to Pokemon who can come up with cute interactive polls and trivia to allow you to take advantage of the feverish shares and likes on posts all over social media. Get people sharing their own personal experiences with Pokemon Go on your timeline, it’s a great way to increase your brand’s exposure and positive image.