Is Google AdWords Worth It For Small Businesses?

September 8, 2015 / Reading: 4 minutes

Whether you are currently in the process of spreading the word out about your business or perhaps you have a special, promotion or sales event coming up, launching ads on Google is a great way to increase business significantly, both quickly and affordably.

Starting your own small business is not an easy task, that’s for sure. And the concept of utilising many popular trends to help boost your business can often be a difficult or confusing task without the correct professional guidance. In this article, we will be asking the question that on the mind of many small business owner: ‘is AdWords worth it for my business?’

According to Google, launching an AdWords campaign can be one of the easiest and most effective methods in order to successfully grow a small business.

Reach out to your local customers.

AdWords provides you with a whole host of location targeting options. This means, if you are a local, regional or even an ecommerce based business, (this could either be a neighborhood restaurant, state bank or an online store with shipping restriction) you can specifically geo-target your target audience without wasting money on customers who wouldn’t be interested in your product.

Display your business location to all potential customers.

By utilising the benefits of Google Places, in conjunction with Google AdWords, you can access the opportunity to display a map of your brick and mortar store using your ads. The easier that you make it for your potential customers to find you, the more likely they will choose to visit your store or even click through to your business website.

Appear in more and more searches.

As a small business, it’s important that you use the correct and most effective keywords that are specifically optimized for high-quality scores, and to target your exact audience. The more targeted your keywords and phrases are the greater the likelihood that Google will rank your business ad. It’s important when selecting keywords that you put yourself in your customers shoes. What keywords would they be searching in order to find your business?

Benefit from re-targeting to follow your customers.

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our browsing life: You may have visited a particular website, browsed around and then left. But as if by magic you begin to see ads for the brand, services and products that you were previously looking at. This is the art of re-targeting.

If used correctly, Google Adwords can be a great generator of sales for your business.

With the help of Google Adwords, if a customer has visited your company’s website, they will receive a cookie from a code that you have placed in the back-end of your website. Once they leave your website, you can instantly begin to target your ads to follow them. It’s important to mention that you would need to pay extra for this service, but it can significantly help to improve sales. With this, it’s worth mentioning that an average increase in customer awareness of a brand that has an ad which appears on a Google search is 6.6%.

Reach out to your mobile users.

Did you know that the overall click through rate for a mobile search ad on Google in the first position is 27.7%, along with the second position being 9.2%? And with your customer potentially located right outside your front door when searching for your service or product, utilizing Google AdWords can provide you with a mountain of mobile optimization options to help bring your potential customer into your store or shop online. This can be done by either text ads or image ads for example. It’s also worth mentioning that the percentage of mobile searchers that call a business directly from a Google search result is an incredible 70%.

Take control of your own budget.

With Google AdWords, you can effortlessly set your company’s budget exactly the way you want it. So for  each ad you run you can decide how much you are willing to spend with the flexibility to change your amount whenever you like. If a particular ad is performing well, you may wish to increase your overall results by increasing your company’s ad spend. You can even set your daily budget, which means how much you are willing to spend as a budget each day.

What are our thoughts?

AdWords is a great way in order to directly reach your target audience while also driving genuine traffic to your service or product, thus ultimately increasing your company’s sales. Without a doubt, we believe Google AdWords should be an integral part of your online marketing plan.