Learn from Apple: Improve Customer Loyalty & Repeat Business

January 12, 2016 / Reading: 3 minutes

Apple is not only revered for their quality of electronics and design of OS, but also for their unprecedented level of growth from customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can have the greatest business idea in the world, but if you don’t have the right formula to attract and keep customers, then you’ll just be another case of unrealized potential.

What makes Apple so much different than their competitors? Their products often have inferior specs, by the numbers, and yet the highest rated business by customers every year for the past decade. Let’s take a closer look, past the flash and flair, into their business artistry, rather than gadgetry.

Going “out of their way”

When people think of Apple, after the products, they think of their store. That’s because their store isn’t like what you were used to seeing before they became the global authority they are now. The Apple Store is modeled around service, not sales. They perfected the genuine “store greeter” and not just the warm smile at Walmart.

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You need to mold your business around this deliberate step to make the customer feel important and welcomed as a human being, not just a wallet with legs. If you want your business to last beyond initial success and failure, you need to have a consistent foundation based in quality of service. Your products may not even be the best out there, but your customers will keep coming back if they feel like their needs are being tended to on a personal basis.

No-pressure sales

Going back to the Apple model, their store does have a purpose of making sales, it’s not like they don’t have to really care about sales because they are so successful. Rather they pitch their products in a more natural, question-and-answer style of approach. There is still a vast majority of businesses out there who participate in old sales pressure techniques, but there is plenty reason to believe that this is a dying art and that younger generations generally don’t respond well with those environments.

The Apple Store is all about you getting something that will hopefully enhance your life in some way. If your business sells coffee tables, then make sure you express how and why your tables will make them happy, like they make you happy.

They keep them coming back for more.

Whatever you sell online or in-person, you have to have your products easy to browse, buy, and use. That’s the Apple way of marketing. Easy accessibility is king in an age of instant gratification.

If your store is plagued with long delivery waits, non-inclusive services (where the customer has to use another company to use or obtain your product), or unreliable purchasing methods, it doesn’t take long before you start seeing your retention rate start to drop off.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but do not cut corners in any way on your company’s website. Keep it fast, keep it comprehensive, easy, and reliable to use.