Top Reasons You Need a Website for Your Small Business

January 7, 2016 / Reading: 3 minutes

As a business owner, it’s not uncommon to think that a website would not benefit your small business, service, brand, or product. You’re certainly not alone in that thought. Or perhaps a website is just simply not in your budget, or maybe because you or your customers don’t need to use a computer, a website may seem unbeneficial.

These are nothing more than common misconceptions with many small businesses across the globe. It’s incredibly fundamental to place your business online in order to provide your existing and potential new customers a way to engage with your business and brand without needing to pick up a phone, writing an email or physically walking to your property.

Websites help to generate credibility for small businesses.

It’s no secret that more individuals use the internet in order to search the products and services that they are looking for. If your small business has its very own website you are gaining credibility with your potential customers. Without a website for your small business you run the risk of losing new customers to your competitors who showcase all their products, services and information on their website.

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If your small business already has some form of website that perhaps you or a friend quickly knocked together, a professionally designed and developed website will not only look far greater, but it will also include any necessary SEO details which will help your business become ranked by search engines such as Google.

A website for your small business can help to save money in the long run.

Of course, we are all aware that a professional website that is capable of performing well will cost money. You may even believe that you cannot afford to purchase a professional website, but can you also afford not to? Running a website for your small business will cost under $100 a month on average and as little as $20. If you compare this cost to running weekly or monthly newspaper advertisements or other forms of traditional marketing, you could be saving yourself a small fortune in the long run. Websites are certainly a more attractive and cost effective way to promote your small business, products and services.

Your website can keep your customers in the know.

If your small business is the supplier of multiple services or many different types of products, your website can soon become your online catalog or brochure. Using a website in order to keep your customers up to date with products and services is far easier than using traditional methods such as printing. You can also update your customers with all your latest offers, exclusive events and pretty much everything else in between! Unlike traditional print advertisements, flyers or brochures which can become quickly outdated, your website can always be updated with a single click of a button!

Your website will always be available.

If you have a customer who needs to know a specific piece of information after your closing hours, they can simply log on to your website and grab the information they need effortlessly and with no fuss! With today’s busy lifestyles, your customers will want information on their schedule, not yours, so having a website that is kept up to date with information is a great way to keep your customers happy.

A website can reach more potential customers.

With an eCommerce website, you no longer need to sell your products or services from your brick and mortar store. Your website can act as a secondary store which can be reached from anywhere in the world, which means individuals who aren’t local to your small business can still enjoy all of your products or services from their geographical location!