2 Ways A Virtual Phone System Can Benefit Your Small Business

April 15, 2015 / Reading: 3 minutes

Many small business owners believe that using smartphones to conduct their business is more than enough. However, the reality is they are not suited to properly market and run a business efficiently in a way that a Virtual Phone System can.

Without a good phone system, prospective customers cannot get through to you, which means you will end up losing valuable orders. That is why a growing number of small businesses are turning to new cloud-based virtual phone systems designed to help them grow.

Innovative business-oriented virtual phone system providers like Grasshopper, eVoice and RingCentral offer many advantages to small businesses, let’s explore:

1. It Gives Your Productivity a Boost

When you’re running a small business, you know that every minute counts and improving productivity most likely ranks high on your priority list. So if you’re looking for a way to cut down on wasted time as well as boost productivity and efficiency, then a virtual phone system is definitely for you.

A reliable phone system is critical for businesses large and small.

Virtual Phone System empowers your business with the freedom to work from anywhere while maintaining a professional facade. Calls can be instantly routed to your smartphone, so there is no need for you to be tied to your office waiting for that important client phone call. The fact that you can work from anywhere means that you can use your time more efficiently since you have more flexibility to go to on-site meetings and sales calls, and still remain connected to your business.

On top of that, you can improve your productivity by taking advantage of the following features:

  • Call screening allows you to know what the person is calling you about so you can decide if you want to pick up the call or not.
  • Quickly and easily connect callers with the right contact at your company to handle the call.
  • Receive faxes as PDF attachments, so you can read them no matter where you are.
  • Voicemails can be delivered to your inbox as an audio file that you can forward to your employees or business partners.

The productivity gains you derive by putting the power of an enterprise system in your pocket will help you close more deals and jump-start your business.

2. Your Business Looks Bigger Than It Is

You’d be surprised how much bigger your company will look when customers call and they are greeted by an auto attendant system that provides important information about your business such as hours and directions.

Having a Virtual Phone System is particularly important for smaller businesses that want to project an image as a top player in their field. When customers have to navigate a phone system to get a hold of you, they automatically feel like they are dealing with a major corporation, since they used to be the only ones who were able to afford large, complex telephone systems.

  • Callers automatically picture a big office with many people.
  • Virtual phone systems are usually perceived to represent large companies.
  • Having multiple extensions will make callers think you employ many people in different departments.
  • It conveys that your business has a wide area of coverage.
  • Present a unified face to customers and partners.

The combination of the benefits listed above is huge plus point for any business as it provides customers with buyer confidence, and is especially true for high-end clients who are used to dealing with bigger and more established competitors.

  • You made some very valid points in why having a virtual phone system is beneficial. I think the benefit unfolds in two categories: the business and the customer. If your customers are satisfied with the service they’re being provided with, it reflects well on you, thus helping to grow your business. Now, how do I set up a virtual phone system?

  • A virtual phone system seems to have many benefits! I love the flexibility of being able to take business calls wherever you are! I like being able to have work mobility and not being restricted to the office! Thanks for the great insights!

  • I like how you said, “When you’re running a small business, you know that every minute counts…”. I’m going to be starting my own business next year. I’m going to open my own music shop. Furthermore, I’m going to offer music lessons. How many employees should I hire?

  • It is interesting that productivity can be boosted by using a virtual phone system. I have never considered this option before, but this specific detail could definitely sway me. My business revolves around a lot of mundane, but essential tasks; I productivity is imperative and hard to keep up. I’m sure that this would be a great choice for our situation, so I appreciate your detailed explanation of how this system functions.