Boost Your Small Business With These Time Management Tools

May 20, 2015 / Reading: 2 minutes

As you read this article, you are either using a computer, smartphone or tablet. But have you thought about how the very tool you are using right now can be an effective tool in making the most out of your time?

Poor time management can be costly for you and your business. Use Technology to your advantage and manage your time more efficiently.

By giving you the ability to seamlessly share information with clients, employees and business partners, Technology can be a powerful time management tool by boosting your productivity and helping you get things done.

  • Online calendar: With free online tools like Google Calendar and Zoho Calendar, you can check your availability and manage appointments no matter where you are. No need for that good-ol’ pen-and-paper day planner anymore to stay on top of important dates.

  • Cloud storage: Services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive, give you the possibility to store documents and files online so you can access conveniently from any PC, Mac or phone that has an internet connection. This can make you move productive by allowing you to work at times and locations that weren’t previously possible.
  • Note-taking: Free tools like Evernote, Fetchnotes and Kustomnote allow you to create and access notes on the go. You can use it for number of interesting and different things like storing your notes, lists, photos and even client business cards so you can retrieve them on any device.
  • Time-tracking: Time is money, and every business owner needs to know how it is spent, whether that be when working on a specific project or to track employee time. Apps like Toggl and Time Doctor allow you to see where you time goes, that way you will be able analyze how you can manage it more effectively.

Like many other recent technological innovations, online productivity solutions create unprecedented conveniences for everyone. It is up to you to leverage these tools to manage your time more efficiently and make them part of your everyday life.