Tricks to Improve Your Project Management Efficiency in Basecamp

November 12, 2014 / Reading: 1 minutes

Basecamp is an online collaboration tool for project management, built by 37 Signals, a Chicago-based startup. Basecamp helps busy office professionals and project managers keep projects, discussions and documents organized.

Whether you’re a teacher or an office/business admin, Basecamp can help you stay organized and complete more tasks and projects.

There are a number of great project management web-based apps such as Asana and Trello, but a common and frustrating problem using any tool is that the vast amount of available pages and functions offers more choice, takes up more time and ultimately, countering productivity. So, the team at Quill listed some shortcuts and hot keys that will ease your use of Basecamp by making it easier to navigate through (you can find the original article here)

See the full list of shortcuts and hot keys in the complete infographic below.