What is the best small business accounting software?

October 19, 2015 / Reading: 4 minutes

There is certainly no denying that not all small businesses are the same. It doesn’t matter if you are a micro business, a startup or are a well established small business, they all have some form of diverse accounting need that must be handled correctly. It’s always important to remind yourself that you are a small business owner, you are not an accountant.

Uncomplicated and affordable accounting software can help you and your business.

Wouldn’t you rather spend all of your working hours actually running your business than worrying about how to manually update your business ledgers, creating and updating tedious reports, tracking business expenses and let’s not forget the whole other host of time-consuming tasks you need to complete in order to manage your company’s finances.

This is where a specialist, uncomplicated and affordable accounting software can help you and your business. If you use it accounting software correctly and select the right one for your small business, accounting software is a great way to make your life easier as it can do all the data input and number crunching all for you with a single click of a button.


QuickBooks offers a small business-friendly three-tier pricing plan which is ideal to suit your company’s budget while still gaining the essential tools and features that you need. QuickBooks is also free for 30 days with no credit card required, which is great news if you’re just looking to explore the software.

Quickbooks also comes with fantastic customer support, and features a wide variety of features such as time tracking, invoicing, estimates, reporting, inventory and just about everything else that you would expect from an accounting software. And let’s not forget to mention it’s unrivalled user-friendly dashboard!

Sage 100 Contractor

Small businesses that have managed to outgrown generic accounting tools and software will soon discover that Sage is a fantastic solution to many accounting problems. The suite of applications includes an entire construction cycle that features service management, job costing, management and project scheduling, estimating and accounting. Any new data is only required to be entered once which helps to significantly reduce user error and keeps information both accurate and up to date.


Intacct is capable of supporting numerous applications for accounting plus expenses, time, project accounting, revenue management, order and billing, global consolidations, purchasing, multi-currency management and even financial reporting. Intacct is a unique web-based piece of software which means it can be accessed on demand on multiple platforms through a vast number of browsers over the Internet.


Xero is a fantastic web-based accounting solution and with it being web-based it means that Xero can be easily accessed from any type of device that has an internet connection. Small businesses are able to view their cash flow, account details and even transactions from any location or on the move. Bank transactions are also fully automatic and imported before being immediately coded.

Xero’s online bill pay feature allows its user to keep track of any level of expenditure while also allowing them to stay on top of and update to date with bills, which can significantly help to improve relationships with the clients and vendors.


BillQuick is popular due to its incredibly flexible accounting and time billing solutions, both in terms of deployment and even functionality. BillQuick can act as a stand-alone solution, cloud service or a self-hosted service, and is able to offer comprehensive business accounting,along with business intelligence, and project management in a system that is flexible enough in order to support a wide variety of industries.

Financial Edge by Blackbaud

Financial Edge by Blackbaud features a unique personalised dashboard and has the ability to come in a variety of customisable views. This accounting software allows the user to closely monitor any form of income statements, cash balances, program-to-expense ratios and any other key factors or important metrics. Financial Edge offers accurate real-time reporting, with single click functionality and full export capability which allows for important data-driven decisions to occur in real time.